A company of inventors

goya: urdu (noun): /goi-uh/

The suspension of disbelief that happens through great storytelling

Powered by Imagination

We use storytelling and design to imagine the future.

Delivered through Invention

We design new products, services and the path to get there.

Our services

From imagination to invention

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    Brand Positioning & Architecture

    Visual identity

    Naming & tone of voice

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    Product Design

    Digital product

    UX & UI design

    Environmental & Service design

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    Prototyping Lab

    Product envisioning & invention


    Connected hardware and services

A company of inventors

A platform for artists from under-represented groups to collaborate with our designers & engineers. Providing fresh thinking to our clients’ problems and creating a long-lasting impact on the design industry.

We work with start ups, scale ups, & change makers

Our products

Making the future tangible

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    The Storybook

    Your future vision articulated through an end to end story.

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    ‘4th Wall’ Prototype

    Concept prototypes that set the stage for how the digital and physical experience work in unison.

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    Business Case

    The pilots and business case to bring our inventions to market.

Take the leap with us…

see where you land

Our services


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Bringing your why? To life

Brand Positioning and Architecture

Every great brand has a purpose at its heart that creates an emotional connection with your audience. We help you uncover and articulate it through understanding your customers and what makes your proposition unique for them.

Visual Identity

Bring your unique brand essence to life through a visual identity and design language that makes you stand out and make clear what you stand for.

Naming & Tone of Voice

Creating a wrapper that informs how we talk about ourselves and our product.

Product Design

Product Design illustration
Prototyping, designing and validating new product and service concepts.

Digital Product Design

We apply our philosophy of crafted with care to the design process through concept, prototype and design as we believe the quality of experience dictates the strength of peoples’ relationships with brand.

UX & UI design

We concept and design at the intersection of industrial and digital product design. Creating value across every touchpoint and through various forms of interaction from voice to screen.

Environment & Service Design

Our design approach is holistic, understanding that the design of the environment and overall service needs to be designed in unison with as part of the overall experience.

Prototyping Lab

Prototyping Lab illustration

Inventing & prototyping new products or services that can be physical, digital or most times somewhere between the two. We work on standalone products or product family and portfolios.

Business Model Validation

We create the underlying business model canvas for the processes, resources, revenue streams and partnerships that we can validate and provide confidence with.


As designers, engineers and artists we rapidly prototype service and product concepts in sketch format, through to clickable browser based and even physical prototyping.

Connected Hardware and Services

We work hands-on with the latest technologies, to find opportunities in new connected products, bringing together networks, electronics and industrial design.

A company of inventors

Artist in Residency Programme

Building a new type of design company

The residency programme is a core component of our mission to build a company of inventors.

Residency illustration 1

We invite local artists from backgrounds that are under-represented in the design industry and create new forms of collaboration between them, our designers and engineers. This has the benefit of bringing diverse, fresh opinions to create completely new outcomes for our clients problems, benefiting the local creative community and making a positive and long lasting impact on the design & creative industry.

Residency illustration 2

Our artists together with our designers run exhibits, workshops and play jams for locals to join. We apply this process to our client projects, running design workshops and hacks with our clients out of which a new brand, design identity, digital or physical product can emerge from.

Residency illustration 3

The design of the space reflects our ethos; set in Peckham a vibrant neighborhood with a strong identity, character and diverse locals, nurturing the perfect setting for the next big iconic work to emerge from.

The studio interior is custom built around the artists from the ground up, and created to be multi functional and multi purpose. Lots of natural light and zones that allow individual working with collision points to create conversations and teams to work together.

About our Artists

Elena Gonzalez Nieto, also known as @elnoart, is a Spanish visual artist based in London since 2014. Covering a broad range of artistic styles & techniques, Street Artist, Illustrator / Painter and co-founder of the Wom Collective, a female street art collective that puts great emphasis on empowering Women & Connecting and inspiring communities through art. Curating various events, exhibitions & paint jams that all put great focus on sharing and inspiring the community.

Tasia Graham. London based illustrator @tasiadesigns explores bold, atmospheric, narrative illustration, using her colourful pallet and fluid, stylised drawing techniques.

Working in both digital format and traditional painting, Tasia explores womanhood, culture, and identity, depicting moods and scenes formed into illustrative storytelling.

Tasia’s work has been shortlisted for the Penguin Design Awards, and has worked with Moonpig, The University of Arts London and many others.

Kelly Tran. @tranlkelly is born and raised in south London. Inspired by her heritage and her relationship with mental health and well being, her work incorporates both traditional and digital mediums. Kelly’s work focuses on surrealism, invoking dreamlike imagery reflective of changing emotions.

Over the years, Kelly grew as an artist and a person she’s learned to celebrate where her family comes from. She’s always striving to learn more about her culture and her upbringing, and reference both in her art. Within this, some of Kelly’s work pays homage to her family and her late grandfather who passed away in 2018.

Inspired by the detail in her grandparent’s coffee table, the beautiful, intricate embossed mother of pearl inspires the iridescent palette and patterns are inspired by Vietnamese museum artefacts that are as representative of home for Kelly as the busy streets of South London.

Her work also pays a tribute to her mental health and wellbeing. Her test prints are her journal entries, from different brush strokes and colour combinations, each deliberate action is intrinsically tied to Kelly’s Identity and sense of self expression.

Follow the journey @goya_design Get in touch at hello@goyadesign.com if you want to apply or find out more about the programme.

Our products

The Storybook

Storybook illustration
“To progress with velocity you need to know where you are heading.”

The storybook articulates the ambition, vision and opportunity for your future experience aligning the organization around a direction of travel towards the market opportunity and concept. It consists of:

  1. An opportunity study that brings together subject matter expertise, a view of our customer, marketplace and technology trends into a coherent view of the market opportunity.
  2. A vision rearticulating our purpose into a manifesto of where we are trying to head to.
  3. The hero concept articulating the product and service concept through key use cases, storyboards and concept sketches.
  4. The program script explaining the governing principles and criteria to make decisions for the overall program of work.

4th Wall Prototype

4th Wall Prototype illustration
“A picture says a thousand words, the 4th Wall Prototype tells a story.”

The 4th wall prototype sets the stage for how the experience manifests itself through the digital and physical experience, allowing people to experience it in a tangible way. Our prototypes span services, connected products and environments, setting the scene for how digital experiences that interact with the real world. These can include connected products (e.g. wearables), retail environments, pureplay digital products, or consumer products and packaging.


Roadmap illustration
“Where the rubber hits the road, literally.”

Our design process is underpinned with a business, customer and feasibility lens, resulting in a long term approach with pilots and sequences of launches. The vision is underpinned with the business model outlining the new revenue streams and measurement framework, resources and service design blueprint highlighting the different stakeholders needed to make it a success.

We support clients in a number of ways during this phase acting as consultants to ensure the integrity of what we go to market with adheres to the vision we set out, partnering with internal teams or existing partners, additionally we have our own development capability through partnerships if required.

Branding & visual identity, proposition development, user experience design and strategy.

GSMA – Mobile World Congress

Reinventing the world’s biggest technology conference


For years The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has been the place where leaders, government agencies and experts from the technology space convene to define the future of the mobile telco market. Highlights have included the reveal of Ford’s autonomous vehicle, Samsung’s foldable phone, the worlds’ first remote surgery carried out over 5G and keynotes from luminaries including Elon Musk.

The COVID-19 global pandemic changed the rules of game, putting significant pressure on the prestige, attractiveness and revenue streams of the conference. We were asked to develop a proposition and brand identity for a new style of hybrid conference, in a market where competition had never been higher as event companies, and the entire entertainment industry was pivoting to create relevant events in a COVID era.

Proposition & Brand Development

Experience a conference differently...

We create a new brand identity, design and user experience for the future digital conference, based on our insights we discovered the unique selling point of the conference was the physical experience of being in the iconic city of Barcelona, the excitement of seeing technology demos on the exhibitor floor space and the unique connections with people you can only meet at MWC. This was the principle upon which we created the new digital experience; not a digital experience to replace that but rather one that leveraged that unique essence and bringing the best of both worlds together.

GSMA viewpoint illustration

Storyboards and sketches of key touchpoints were used to bring all the stakeholders and partners on board, prioritising the ideas and putting in plan to deliver against them. We then set about creating the branding and design language to bring it to life.

Use the physical space as a metaphor for a digital experience.

GSMA attend illustration

The brand language used the physical space throughout and tried to replicate that in a digital environment. Additionally every feature from a tech exhibit, keynote presentation or networking event used the latest digital technologies to enhance the event experience and ensuring a unique conference experience whether you are their physically or virtually.

Design guardrails and guidelines

GSMA attendee illustration GSMA carousel illustration GSMA speaker illustration

We created a new identity and positioning for the conference to work at the event and across all digital channels. The identity needed to communicate the unique ethos of the conference, to work universally across cultural boundaries and maintain the integrity and prestige of MWC.

Safeguarding the future of the event

GSMA mobile illustration

The new experience helped over 50000 delegates travel safely with thousands more accessing it virtually for the first time, inc. Elon Musk’s keynote we opened up the event to a new audience and new speakers, creating new forms of value for those attendees with those at the event experiencing higher levels of satisfaction than ever before with a new range of digital tools to enjoy the conference, exhibits and networking on a new level.

GSMA group illustration